Active shooter emergencies are perhaps the most terrifying scenario that one can think of when it comes to school or workplace violence. Active shootings are sudden and unpredictable, so having an effective emergency plan is crucial to ensuring the safety of your students or staff. Our customized active shooter preparedness training works with your individual organization to assess specific vulnerabilities to active shooter emergencies, and decide how best to respond. Every building is different when it comes to effective lockdown and evacuation procedures, so creating an adequate emergency response plan is a highly individualized process. At Global Safety, we work with you to ensure that your organization is as secure and prepared as possible. 

Our active shooter preparedness training will take you through all four phases of emergency management, including mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Offering this step-by-step guidance ensures that all of our clients leave training with the confidence to say that their students or staff are in good hands. Don’t let your school or workplace become another headline. Contact Global Safety today and let our team of professional trainers show you how to keep your community safe.