Disaster can strike at any time. Since panic and stress often make a dire situation even worse, knowing when and how to effectively evacuate a building is critical to minimizing injury, or even death. At Global Safety, we know that evacuation preparedness is never one-size-fits-all. We tailor each evacuation preparedness training course to that client’s individual needs and concerns. We will help you identify and locate emergency exits and escape routes, as well as determining an effective assembly point that can accommodate all of your building’s occupants. 

Whether you’re dealing with a flood, a fire, or any other type of emergency, effective communication and leadership are key to ensuring the safety of you and your staff. Our in-depth evacuation preparedness training will help you concoct a comprehensive and effective evacuation plan ahead of time, so that if or when an emergency strikes you can keep adequate track of everyone in your building, and establish that they have found refuge at a predetermined spot.

No one likes to imagine that an evacuation emergency can happen to them, their staff, or their students, but workplace and school evacuation emergencies are a real and pressing danger. Whether your organization is located in a high-rise building or on a single-story, we will give you the tools and education you need in order to prevent or minimize in the case of an evacuation. Don’t put your team’s lives on the line. Contact us today to sign up for our customized evacuation preparedness training course.