All across America, nearly every day, people are either working or participating in non-profit activities and events that benefit communities and disadvantaged people across the world. These organizations work to build our communities from the ground up, whether it is through worship, education, play, or volunteering.

At Global Safety, we work to educate non-profit organizations and community enrichment groups on proper emergency preparedness and how to respond to dangerous situations. If you or your community-based non-profit organization are ready to learn the most effective emergency preparedness skills, contact Global Safety today or call us at 951-258-4854.

Safety Solutions for Today and Tomorrow’s Threats

Public gatherings are vulnerable to a wide range of threats and disasters. Even more troubling, people seeking to strike terror and fear in the hearts of every-day people target houses of worship such as churches, mosques, temples, and synagogues. When these attacks to happen, they cause substantial and significant psychological damage to the community. They also draw extensive media coverage, furthering the damage done.

Having an emergency protocol for your church or faith-based organization can reduce the damage done by attackers and unknown threats. Emergency action plans and emergency preparedness courses are some of the best ways to educate a faith-based organization.

Non-Profit Organization Safety Consulting

Many non-profit organizations that proactively work to make this world a better place are woefully unprepared for an emergency situation. Whether there’s an earthquake at your next event or a violent intruder interrupts a fundraiser, do you or your coworkers know what to do?

Global Safety is here to address the threats and dangers to organizations and workplaces. We understand that you and your organization work hard to make this world better, which is why we want to give you the tools to effectively respond to an emergency situation. Our training programs are excellent tools for helping organizations. If you are ready to experience peace of mind knowing that you and your organization are trained to handle nearly any emergency situation, contact the experts at Global Safety today.


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