School shooting statistics are heartbreaking. In 2018 alone there were 82 school shooting incidents across the country. We can no longer afford to “hope” that our communities aren’t faced with an emergency like a school shooting. Taking active steps to prevent these emergencies and acting in a safe and efficient manner when they occur can save lives.

At Global Safety in Corona, California, we train school teachers and administrators on handling emergency situations. Whether there is a chemical spill, flood, fire, earthquake, bomb threat, or active shooter, we give schools the necessary skills to handle the situation effectively. Global Safety is dedicated to keeping our Southern California communities safe, which is why we create emergency plans for teachers, students, and administrators to follow in schools all across California.

School Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Global Safety is one of the leading emergency preparedness consulting groups in California. We like to think that our personal attention to everyone we encounter is what separates us from other safety consulting firms. Our team at Global Safety will work tirelessly with you and your school to create a completely customized and tailored approach to emergency preparedness. Whether you want to identify weak points in an already existing plan, you need the confidence of knowing that your plan is effective, or you need to create an emergency preparedness plan from scratch, Global Safety in Corona, California is here to help you.

No matter how big your school is or any other perceived obstacle that may hinder you from finding an effective emergency preparedness plan, we will work with you. We spend time getting to know you, the geography, and the culture of your school to understand the best method of handling a situation.

If you are ready to have a completely personalized experience in safety consulting for your school, be sure to contact the experts at Global Safety. We help communities and school all across Southern California find peace of mind and the confidence to handle emergency situations in effective and efficient ways. Get prepared — call Global Safety today at 951-258-4854.


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