When it comes to shelter in place emergency preparedness, there are many factors to consider. One of the biggest questions that managers and other organization leaders face is whether it is safer to remain indoors or to evacuate your building. With our individualized shelter in place emergency preparedness training, we will teach you how best to identify situations that require sheltering in place. We will also teach you how to stay updated via local news and other media on what emergency protocols are being recommended, and how best to communicate this message with your staff or students. With Global Safety’s shelter in place emergency preparedness training, the question of whether you should stay or you should go no longer has to cause more stress in an already stressful situation. 

Our customized training will also help you select and prepare your emergency shelter based on your specific building’s strengths and vulnerabilities. In the case of long-term emergencies, having an adequate stock of food, water, and other supplies can be a case of life or death. Thanks to our comprehensive and professional shelter in place preparedness training, you will know what provisions can help prepare your group for disaster. We will help you make your emergency shelter a place of comfort and stability, so that even in the worst case scenario your team remains calm and under control.