Workplace violence includes more than just physical assault—it may also involve incidents of verbal threats or abuse, racial or sexual harassment, and other nonphysical altercations. Thanks to Global Safety’s workplace violence preparedness training, you and your staff can learn to identify what exactly workplace violence looks like, and how best to avoid it through de-escalation practices. 

Although workplace violence may not always involve a physical altercation, there are incidents where employee tension can lead to deadly consequences. Active shooter emergencies are on the rise, and increasingly these incidents involve disgruntled employees looking for retaliation. Our workplace violence preparedness training will teach you how best to respond to this worst case scenario, including establishing lockdown and evacuation procedures.

Our hands-on training includes table-top exercises and emergency operations planning to help keep your organization as resistant to workplace violence as possible. Although tensions in the office are natural, this does not have to lead to injury or even death. Contact Global Safety today and learn how you can keep you and your employees secure with our customized and comprehensive workplace violence preparedness training course.